Hi, Facebook!

I'm thrilled to be considered for a role in the Creative Shop Studio! 

My name is Mitch Boyer. I tell stories with pictures, books, videos and anything else I can get my hands on. You may recognize me (and my dog) from places like "the internet" and (soon!) your local book store.



My love for making things started young and is rivaled only by my love for food. When I can combine the two, I'm very happy.

Eating pizza in 1990.

Eating pizza in 1990.

Hugging a giant chocolate bar in 2016.

Hugging a giant chocolate bar in 2016.

Pictures hold a special place in my heart. My first job after leaving college was as a producer and photographer for a small photography agency in Philadelphia. I learned a lot while working there, assisting commercial photographers and eventually shooting local and national projects on my own. 

Since then, I've done portrait photography,



I also like to write. In fact, my first children's book, VIVIAN THE DOG MOVES TO THE BIG CITY comes out on October 24th! The book follows the true adventures of my dog, Vivian, and her move from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Brooklyn, New York with one little twist—in the book, she's six feet tall.


The book was originally funded on Kickstarter in under a week and was later aquired as a series by HarperCollins. The project has been featured in over 70 publications with a combined online readership of 1.4B+ and an estimated coverage of 11M+ views and 300k+ shares around the world. 


I worked for two years as a motion graphics artist and had many fun experiences like talking to Lady Gaga for five minutes before realizing it was her (the room was dark and she wasn't wearing a costume and the producer sent me into the edit bay without telling me what the project was). At the VFX house, I learned about operating on a professional level, working with extremely tight deadlines and taking critical feedback without becoming offended. I also made lifelong friends.

Learning motion graphics came in handy when I was later working at MakeSpace.

And sometimes, I make videos for myself and friends.

Anything else I can get my hands on

If I'm not working on a picture, a book, or a video, I'm usually playing with a different medium. Here are a few other things I have made.

Subway/OOH posters



Murals, illustrations and tattoo designs


So far, I'm grateful for the career opportunities I've received and I'm proud of the work I've done, but I'm not satisfied. I want to do more and I want to expand my capabilities. I want to learn and grow and experiment and share what I learn so that other people—especially Facebook customers—can create engaging content.

Links and other goodies

Facebook: facebook.com/boyer.mitch
Instagram: instagram.com/mitchwayneboyer
My dog's Instagram: instagram.com/vivianwienerdog
Twitter: twitter.com/mitchwayneboyer

Favorite Book: Jurassic Park
Favorite Movie: Casablanca
Guilty pleasure: Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies