Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn is a children's book by Mitch Boyer about a big dog moving to the "big city," designed to help kids deal with big changes like moving. Vivian's disappointed when she arrives in New York and discovers she is the only giant wiener dog around. Will she stay in Brooklyn, or run back to her old home? 

The book was funded on Kickstarter in under a week and is currently in production. The project has been featured in over 70 publications with a combined online readership of 1.4B+ and an estimated coverage of 11M+ views and 300k+ shares around the world. 

More About the Book

Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn is 32 pages long and is full of beautiful photo-illustrations created by Mitch Boyer and starring Vivian the Dog, with some pretty fantastic letterings and drawings by the talented, Valerie Navarro.

In the book, Vivian is a giant dachshund—over 6 feet tall! She loves the wide open spaces and delicious foods of New Mexico, but most of all, she loves playing with her best friend, "the human." When Vivian learns she and the human are moving to New York City, aka the "Big City," she gets very excited. She believes everything will be as big as she is in the "Big City," and she can't wait to move!

As you might guess, she's pretty disappointed upon arriving in New York City and discovering that she is still the only giant wiener dog around. Things get worse, as she quickly learns their neighborhood in Brooklyn can be a pretty cramped place, especially for a big dog like her. She barely fits in their new living room! She decides to leave the human behind and return to Albuquerque on her own. Does she make it back, or does she get lost along the way? You'll have to get the book to find out!

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