Vivian the Dog Moves to the Big City (HarperCollins, 2017)

Vivian the giant wiener dog is moving to the BIG city. It sounds like the perfect place for a dog like her! But it turns out the BIG city feels too small. She misses her friends and the wide-open spaces back home. Soon Vivian is off on a surprise adventure, where she learns that all you really need is a friend with a BIG heart to lead you home. Join Vivian the dog as she takes on the city in this irresistible photographic picture book!

The book was originally funded on Kickstarter in under a week and will be available to buy October, 24 2017. The project has been featured in over 70 publications with a combined online readership of 1.4B+ and an estimated coverage of 11M+ views and 300k+ shares around the world. 


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